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We launched in late July 2007. Within the first few weeks we saw visits from more than a dozen Texas cities and several other states. We decided to aggressively promote the website by printing and distributing flyers and business cards throughout the Frio River Area, placing them in many stores, camps and other locations. Thanks to all the businesses that have accepted the material! Along the Frio River crossings we put flyers on the windshields of hundreds of cars on the weekends. We want to become the number one place people look for info on the Frio River Area.

We first came to the Frio more than 30 years ago to help our family build a cabin at Cold Springs. Since then we’ve floated, fished & played on the river with our kids as they were young and now with our grandkids as the tradition continues. We moved to Rio Frio the weekend of the big flood of ’97, so we got to experience first hand how powerful the river and the rains can be.

Our love of the area has taken us down many roads and often we would discover that there was a store, a cabin, or some other place that we didn’t know about. And if local residents don’t know about all the places in the Frio Canyon then how can visitors find out? It occurred to us that a website with information about all aspects of life along the Frio River would be something of value. This site is aimed not just at visitors but is designed to serve local residents as well.

We began driving down the main roads and back roads gathering business cards, brochures, taking pictures and notes. Meanwhile we searched the Internet locating more info and gathering links. There are many sites on the Internet with some of the information we have here, but we believe that no other place will have as much information on the Frio River area as will have in the days ahead. We plan to update our lists and links very often, so please check back frequently, we’re typing as fast as we can!